Explore the Cemetery


A new web map technology, ArcGIS Online, used to view and search the Fairmount cemetery GIS map database is now applied to replace the Fusion Tables technology that was terminated by Google in late 2019. The link below will take you to the ArcGIS Online web map. This new web map technology provides more and powerful tools. You can zoom in to the map and click any plot to open a pop-up window for information. You can click/tap the tab located at the center bottom to open the attribute table which includes information of more than 6300 people interred in the cemetery. You can also use the Search tool to search a person by typing his/her name. You can even print a map by using the Print tool.


The GIS database was last updated in July, 2021. Plots with gravestones showing no death year are excluded (except with a birth year prior to 1916).


To report errors or mistakes, please email Dr. Chunzeng Wang at chunzeng.wang@maine.edu. Thanks!


Click Here to Open Fairmount Cemetery Map